Student work


Since the industrial revolution, we have worked 8-hour workdays. But a lot has changed since the 19th century. We live in an always-on society that has created a billion-dollar problem, overworking. With Slack, you save 2.5 working hours a day. That means working 6 hours could replace the regular 8. So, Slack decided to go where changes are made. Into politics and formed a political party which works for one issue only – the 6-hour workday because it is about time we make time because we can.

Product Innov

The feeling of throwing a pack of condoms on the groceries belt or let it live loose in your bag can feel slightly awkward. To hide the shame (but wiseness) our mints include a condom because we all know to double the chances of getting lucky you need a fresh breath! 😉 The flavor of Barry’s love is of course minty fresh mint for both condom and mints. This is Barry White mints! Enjoy!


Different kinds of sports appeal to different kinds of people and there is more to sports out there than soccer, American football, and basketball. Under armour is a supporter of a diversity of sports and encourage you to create your own sport! Mix it up and think outside the court! How would you score on a basketball court with a soccer ball? Or have more than one basketball in the game at the same time? Switch it up and join the competition of introducing new sports to the arena.


To win a cat’s heart is almost impossible. Trading food for affection is as close as you might get, but you better make sure you use mighty fine food. To promote Purina Gourmet Gold Melting Heart; a mousse with a melting gelé heart inside, this campaign is all about love and proves that the way to a cat’s heart goes through its belly.


Who said Print Campaigns was dead? It wasn’t me because I believe once you crack the print ad the rest of the campaign is in the bag.