Hugo Boss

HUGO BOSS is one of the most innovative fashion brands to ever exist. To show the brand’s modern, tech-oriented spirit, our films need to have drive and speed. The best ways to create this drive are music, quick cuts and a lot of visual variation. A lot of visual variation. This is why we mix & match different styles and imagery. Let’s call them our fabrics: Individual pieces, that we creatively stitch together into different films. All films clearly have the same designer – but each unique in its own way.

Most films use voiceovers to create coherence between different contents. Sadly, this inevitably makes films slower and didactic.
So instead of using a VO, we will use a string of supers consisting of keywords and important numbers to guide viewers through the films.
This way, we can have much quicker cuts. Music will become the main driver and will create a music-video effect. By using different music styles, visually different supers and cut speeds, we can create both engaging films as well as an informative ones (aka the tech center film).

The Pitch

The Result (coming soon)