80 % of plastic toys end up in landfills, a million plastic bottles are bought around the world every minute 91 % of those are not recycled. Plastic is a painful threat to our planet and we are all guilty as plastic consumers. It is easy to emphasize with the anti-plastic campaigns out there but the message seems to be lost the moment we buy unnecessary plastic and forgotten when we are too lazy to recycle.
So as an attempt to catch unnecessary plastic use in the moment, we target the outside, the inside of plastic as well as the point of entry of plastic ergo when you buy it. Everything from plastic toys to bottles is marked with warning signs à la cigarette packages because plastic is as hurtful to our health, our planet and our future as cigarettes. But as cigarettes, plastic is a choice.
All warnings signs will be naturally biodegradable and part of the package. All to encourage recycling after the plastic is used and reduce consumption even before it is chosen.